About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Drake, and Flailing Towards Fitness is a chronicle of my efforts at living a healthy and fit life. It may not always be pretty (I am a HUGE klutz, as the name of this blog would suggest), but I believe the road to fitness and health can and should always be fun and honest. 

I just graduated from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario (that's right, Ontario CANADA - my dad grew up in Toronto and I'm a dual citizen of the US and Canada) with a Bachelor of Honors in Political Science (I'm a huge political nerd). I'm living back at home in Connecticut until I get myself organized and get to grad school, where I want to get my master's in public administration so I can work in the public sector and save the world! You're welcome in advance, by the way. 

Like many others, I gained weight in college (25-30 pounds, to be exact). My parents' divorce coincided with my transition to living on my own, and the stress manifested itself on the scale in a big way. Three years later I am in the best place of my life emotionally, and my body is starting to catch up as well. Slowly over the past year and a half and more intensely over the past six months, I have been improving my eating habits and making exercise a bigger part of my life, and so far I have lost 15 pounds since January. I am feeling great, but still have a ways ahead of me before reaching my goal, which is not a number on a scale but a feeling of fitness and empowerment that can't really be quantified.

I'm realizing fitness can be FUN, and I'm learning more every day. Blogs have been a big part of my successes thus far, and I hope by blogging myself I can make this experience the best it can be. I'm so excited!

Here are some random fun facts about me:

Favorite Foods - Feta and cheddar cheeses, GREEN MONSTERS, Amy's Texas Burgers, nut butters, greek yogurt, hummus and pita, avocados, tomatoes, mustard, pesto

Least Favorite Foods - mayonnaise, cilantro, deviled eggs, 

I have a well documented tendency to do strange dances when alcohol and cameras are involved. 

Not So Secret Obsession - Dave Matthews Band (I have an unhealthy addiction to this band. This summer marked my TWELFTH concert. I guess there are unhealthier obsessions, but my love for DMB is literally endless. Maybe I've said too much...)

Other Bands I Like - Michael Franti and Spearhead, Ben Folds, Ben Harper, Beatles, Citizen Cope, Arcade Fire, Ray LaMontagne, etc.

Favorite TV Shows - Lost (still in denial that it's over), Friday Night Lights, Sons of Anarchy, 30 Rock, Mad Men, True Blood, every version of The Real Housewives (every girl needs a little trash)

My Goals (Fitness Specific):
- Run a race - CHECK! So exciting - I am definitely hooked!
- Run a race at sub ten minute mile time
- Work on speed in general
- Run a 10K
- Run a half marathon
- Ride in a bike race
- Do more yoga

My Goals (General):
- Get my master's in public administration
- Work for an NGO, nonprofit, PAC (essentially, do something good with my life)
- Move to Vermont
- Eat less meat
- Be consistently kind, open minded, open hearted, and positive