Monday, August 23, 2010

Grad School Gripes

All I can say today is grad school better be worth all the stress it's causing me! My day off consisted of hardcore emailing to professors and former employers for recommendations and various grad school administrative offices for the millions of questions I need answered before I can get all my ducks in a row for applications. I also am in the middle of writing my own recommendation for my internship boss, which seemed awesome in theory but is becoming a pain in my butt. On top of all of that, I am about three weeks away from writing the GRE, and I know I should be more prepared than I am at this point. I guess I can look forward to a few weeks of reading comprehension, analogies, vocab lists, quantitative comparisons, and so much more! Lucky me!

In less annoying news, I had a great time stocking up on treats at the grocery store today! I think my joy at buying produce is best understood by fellow healthy living bloggers!

Included are: sweet potatoes, broccoli, a lemon, kiwi, a big fat red bell pepper, some organic apples, avocado, a carton of strawberries, a couple squash, and a huge bag of cherries (SPLURGE, but worth every penny).

I got to thinking today about how far I have come this past year in terms of healthy living. I used to almost bypass the produce section completely, but now it's my favorite place to be! Experimenting with healthy, whole foods has absolutely changed my life in every way. I'm happier, healthier, my skin is clearer, my hair is shinier, and I'm having so much fun!

Another thing that makes my life more fun is watching trashy shows like Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I know, I know......but I also listen to NPR and watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann and the Rachel Maddow Show religiously, so I'm just going to call it even. Anyway, I saw this glass at TJ Maxx yesterday and couldn't help but take a picture - doesn't this look like it belongs in Pauly D or The Situation's cabinet? Oh boy, I need to get to bed.

Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Might Be Insane

Phew! It felt great to get out of work today - one of the girls got sick so I sent her home and was alone in the coffee shop for two hours...not fun at all. I'm not going to lie, the past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful for a number of reasons not worth getting into right now. I'm in the middle of trying to figure out some pretty big stuff in terms of school and my future, and it's taking an emotional toll. Needless to say, a run was exactly what I needed this afternoon!

I did an easy 3.5 miles after work, and already feel a million times better. I did an unplugged run, which means no Garmin, no iPod, just me and my thoughts. I really need to do these runs more often - they're therapeutic and HELPFUL! When my mind wanders it's surprisingly productive - I think I'm able to get into the nooks and crannies of my brain much better when all I'm focusing on is my breathing.

This afternoon, I did something I've been wanting to do for months now - I ordered Insanity! Running, biking, and my workout DVDs are great and make me happy everyday, but I'm ready for a CHALLENGE! I figure now is the perfect time for me to devote an ocean of sweat to this program - no school and morning shifts mean I am currently in possession of something I haven't had in years - TIME! I literally just clicked the order button, and I can't wait to get it!

Wish me luck! I'm sure I will be documenting my progress on the blog. Time for a green monster!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seeing Stars

To say that today was interesting is a bit of an understatement.

About two weeks ago, the strap on my ancient bike helmet gave way and I wouldn't let myself ride until I got a new one (torture!) Well yesterday, I FINALLY succeeded at Target (I have a humongous head and hardly any helmets fit me well) so today was supposed to be my triumphant return to hardcore biker girl status. Except, totally not. Here's what happened:

I woke up this morning with a headache and a bit of nausea, but instead of listening to my body I chocked it up to the wear and tear of the past couple of weeks and threw myself onto the bike anyway. I figured once I was out on the road I'd be riding high. 10 miles on the agenda, and I got through the first five alright, until I stopped to look at some beautiful wildflowers and almost passed out.

You guys, I am not a fainter. There are actually two times in my life that I have passed out, both having to do with heatstroke. The first time was when I was about six, on the handlebars at my aunt and uncle's house, and the second time was after a brutal horseback riding session on the hottest day of summer. Suffice to say, when I get woozy SOMETHING IS WRONG.

I knew there was NO WAY I could ride the 4.5 miles home safely, so I sat down under a tree, called my stepdad to pick me up, and just tried to stay calm. Luckily, he showed up quickly, and with a couple glasses of water, a banana, and a shower, I felt better pretty fast.

I have learned some pretty valuable lessons though.

(1) LISTEN TO MY BODY. I knew I wasn't feeling well, but I didn't consult with myself before working out. Big mistake. I should have either abbreviated my ride or ditched it altogether. I will definitely be more in tune with myself in the future.

(2) PROPERLY FUEL. I wasn't hydrated enough before my bike ride, and I really think dehydration played a role. I am trying to drink more water in general, but clearly I haven't been doing as well as I could be. I have been peeing like a racehorse today with all the water I've been drinking since my ride, so future water intake is looking good for moi.

(3) HAVE A CELLPHONE. I am so happy that I always have my phone with me if I run or ride, because it matters. If I didn't have my phone with me, I would have been stranded five miles from home for who knows how long. I told my stepdad what I was doing and where I was going, but he was headed off on his bike too (on a different route). It would have just been bad news all around. I will never leave my phone at home again. SO important!

Anyway, that's it for my big rant. I spent this afternoon taking it easy and watching Up, which is probably the cutest movie in the history of the world. So not a wasted day overall I guess. Nighty night bloggies! I am planning on a nice wedding/beach photo post tomorrow after work. Wahoo!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Crazy Life

So, a couple of things have been going on since my last post. I'll break it down for you guys:

(1) I've been hanging out with my extended family (my mom is one of SEVEN) at our cottage in RI for the past two weeks, and the internet wasn't invited.

(2) On August 1st, my mom got married! Wahoo! It was beautiful, and so much fun!! I'm going to do a post soon with pictures, since it was too gorgeous not to share.

(3) Last weekend I was in NYC for a nice visit with my dad, who was in town for a couple of days. He took my brother and I to a Yankees/Red Sox game! I'm a Boston fan, but holy moly did they not play well. No worries though, it was so much fun!

The past two weeks have been some of the most fun and exhausting of my life. Luckily, I have today and tomorrow off to FINALLY rest and get myself organized again. Although I wish I was still at the beach! I miss my family terribly - though I think the fact that I have to work and study for my GREs and apply to grad school might be a factor in that.

I'm off to run a million errands, and then I have a nice bike ride on the schedule and some great photos to look though. Bye for now!