Monday, August 23, 2010

Grad School Gripes

All I can say today is grad school better be worth all the stress it's causing me! My day off consisted of hardcore emailing to professors and former employers for recommendations and various grad school administrative offices for the millions of questions I need answered before I can get all my ducks in a row for applications. I also am in the middle of writing my own recommendation for my internship boss, which seemed awesome in theory but is becoming a pain in my butt. On top of all of that, I am about three weeks away from writing the GRE, and I know I should be more prepared than I am at this point. I guess I can look forward to a few weeks of reading comprehension, analogies, vocab lists, quantitative comparisons, and so much more! Lucky me!

In less annoying news, I had a great time stocking up on treats at the grocery store today! I think my joy at buying produce is best understood by fellow healthy living bloggers!

Included are: sweet potatoes, broccoli, a lemon, kiwi, a big fat red bell pepper, some organic apples, avocado, a carton of strawberries, a couple squash, and a huge bag of cherries (SPLURGE, but worth every penny).

I got to thinking today about how far I have come this past year in terms of healthy living. I used to almost bypass the produce section completely, but now it's my favorite place to be! Experimenting with healthy, whole foods has absolutely changed my life in every way. I'm happier, healthier, my skin is clearer, my hair is shinier, and I'm having so much fun!

Another thing that makes my life more fun is watching trashy shows like Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I know, I know......but I also listen to NPR and watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann and the Rachel Maddow Show religiously, so I'm just going to call it even. Anyway, I saw this glass at TJ Maxx yesterday and couldn't help but take a picture - doesn't this look like it belongs in Pauly D or The Situation's cabinet? Oh boy, I need to get to bed.

Sweet dreams!

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