Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping Warrior

Hello there!

Well, the humidity continues. I can handle heat, but not THIS kind - sticky, thick, sweaty air makes me crazy. I couldn't justify not getting some kind of exercise, however, so in lieu of a run I cranked the fan all the way up and got my but thoroughly kicked by Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones DVD. At the end of 40 minutes I was pretty much soaked, what an awesome workout! I'll definitely be incorporating it into my routine more.

After a cold, refreshing shower, I had some almond butter on Ezekiel bread and half of the most delicious Larabar I have ever had - peanut butter and jelly. It was heavenly. Then I went on a hunt for air conditioning - my first stop was work to get an iced coffee with my brother. Even on my days off, I still end up there - unhealthy? Perhaps. We enjoyed our coffee inside and watched everyone outside look hot and miserable, and then when I felt we had spent enough time around coffee I went to the outlet mall a town over for some window shopping. I was originally just supposed to be browsing, since I just ordered the Garmin Forerunner and blew a sizeable chunk of my paycheck, but things didn't really go according to plan when I saw the amazing sale at J. Crew!

In high school, I was pretty much a walking J. Crew ad. However, my transition into a poor college student made keeping up my preppy lifestyle impossible, and Target, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, etc. have come to make up the majority of my wardrobe. I think I may have to reintroduce J. Crew into my life, the outlet stores, that is. I walked out of the store today with five of the cutest tee shirts I have ever seen, and I spent less than fifty bucks. SCORE!

This shirt was originally 60 bucks, and I got it for 7! How could I resist!

This shirt was 4 dollars. It almost felt like stealing!

After my retail WIN, I went to Stop and Shop to pick up some VitaTops, and ended up buying not one, but THREE fitness mags. I may have a bit of a problem.

For dinner I prepared open faced Amy's burgers for the fam! Well, my brother had chicken nuggets with hot sauce, but everyone else loved them. Washed it down with my favorite beer, Magic Hat Wacko. Magic Hat is this awesome brewery in Burlington, Vermont. I lived there last summer for an internship I had, and developed a pretty serious obsession with their beer. If anyone is ever in the Burlington area, I would definitely recommend heading to the factory for a tour. It's super funky and at the end of the tour there are free samples - as much as you can drink! So fun. Wacko was their summer beer last year, and it's back! It's a reddish pink color because there's beet juice in it - how awesome is that!

Well I'm off to watch True Blood and hit the sack - work at 6 in the morning tomorrow! Ugh!

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