Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back in Business

So I've been gone for a bit - my apologies! Work, GRE prep, wedding prep (my mom is getting married AUGUST FIRST!), along with general summer craziness and workouts have left precious little time for blogging and relaxing. I have been feeling stretched a bit thin recently and unfortunately the blog has taken a backseat. But NO MORE! I am going to work a lot harder to make time to write down my thoughts and fitness pursuits - it's definitely therapeutic after a hectic shift or long day to write about my efforts to make my life healthier and more fulfilling!

I am happy to say my fitness has been faring better than my blogging - today I felt really strong while doing No More Trouble Zones. It's definitely becoming one of my favorite workouts - it's comprehensive, hard, varied, and makes me sweat like a pig and feel awesome after! I am really starting to feel stronger too - especially in my abs and arms! I'm wearing a strapless dress to my mom's wedding so triceps and biceps are definitely areas of interest in the next couple of weeks!

Tomorrow I have a new yoga DVD to try - Rodney Yee's Power Yoga. I am trying to expand my workouts and vary them as much as possible - I'm excited to try it! I'm going to attempt it after work and before a little pre-wedding get together with mom and my female cousins - another full day!

Goodnight everyone!

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