Thursday, July 15, 2010


Happy Thursday!

I have been running around like a lunatic all day! So happy to be snuggled up in bed with my laptop to decompress and finally relax. I worked an awesome shift this morning with my favorite coffee girls, then had to speed home to get some sweating in before my GRE tutoring session. Today I tried Rodney Yee's Power Yoga, and LOVED IT! Nice and challenging, a good length, and lots of awesome stretching and calm at the end. I am starting to absolutely love yoga - it's nice to have a great workout that is also relaxing at the same time. I love running, but I think it will always be a bit of a struggle for me.

I had just enough time to shower before meeting with my GRE tutor, and was surprised to have an AWESOME study session! I have not taken a math class since senior year of high school (my college didn't have general requirements like math or science), and boy am I rusty on the math section - especially the quantitative comparisons (choosing which is larger between two responses - SO HARD). I was feeling down on myself this past week with regards to GRE, but in an hour I felt much stronger and I think I'm really picking it back up. My SAT scores were probably the strongest part of my college applications, and I really want a bomb GRE score to give myself the best possible shot at a great grad program!

Immediately after my tutoring session, I whizzed to dinner for a little bachelorette action for my mom! My future aunt and cousins met us at a great restaurant a couple of towns over and we had the best time! I got steak fajitas (DELICIOUS), and a couple of cocktails. I was shocked by how affected I was by the alcohol - since being home from school I have hardly drank at all, and it definitely showed. I am pretty proud of myself for how little booze I've been drinking lately, but it did feel pretty good to let loose a bit! I'm heading up to Rhode Island in a couple of weeks with my extended family to our cottage, and I will definitely be upping my alcohol intake - at least I'm more of a lightweight now so that a little bit goes a long way!

I've been thinking lately about some short and long term fitness goals for myself, and have an informal list in my head:
(1) Run more races - The Branford Road Race in June (5 miles) was my first race ever, and it was a pretty huge deal for me. Since then, my dedication to running has waned a bit, and I want to get back in to it. Races are a great motivating tool, so I hope to put a couple on the schedule.
(2) Make time to make meals - I have a crazy work schedule that varies day to day, and I haven't been making enough time to make myself the kind of healthy meals I crave and deserve. I am really going to try to get up earlier and plan meals - I feel so much better when I'm organized about eating and making my own meals feels and tastes so much better!
(3) Work on snacking - Snacking is my food weakness, and I could eliminate so many unnecessary calories by being conscious of what I am eating and stopping the absentminded munching. I really need to work on this!
(4) More strength training! - I am a total cardio junkie - nothing in the world feels better to me than a runners high and my lungs pushed to the limit. But strength training needs to be a more present part of my workout routine. I can do it on days I do cardio too - No More Trouble Zones is my go to strength workout, but I just got the Women's health book of exercises and plan on pouring over it for some more tips.

That's it for now. I'm going to be checking in on progress for these goals and adding to the list as I come up with more.

Anyway, I'm off to bed - completely pooped from yoga and business and fun. I have tomorrow OFF (surprisingly) and plan on getting a notebook for GRE vocab and heading to the beach for as long as possible! So excited!


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